Lifetime Achievement in Engineering Consulting: Henry E. Halladay

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Henry E. Halladay

Industry: Aerospace
Born: February 21, 1939, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Current Organization: Dr. Henry E. Halladay, P.E.
Type of Organization: Consulting
Major Product: Digital sensor and signal processing for aerospace
Area of Distribution: International
Expertise: RF and Microwave Propagation, Signal Processing, Laboratory Development, Electronic Instrumentation, Networking, Communication
University/Degree: B.S.E.E.; M.S.E.E.; Ph.D., Electrical Engineering
Title: Consultant, Registered Professional Engineer (Washington)
Honors & Awards: Elected to Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Honorary Societies; Elected Boeing Associate Technical Fellow (1991), Boeing Technical Fellow (1995), Boeing Senior Technical Fellow (1999)
U.S. Patent Awards: 7,515,104 - 4/7/09
Structured Array Geolocation

7,570,212 - 8/4/09
Reference Beacon Methods and Apparatus for TDOA/FDOA Geolocation

8,044,859 - 10/25/11
Reference Beacon Methods and Apparatus for TDOA/FDOA Geolocation

8,331,588 - 12/11/12
Remote Programmable Reference
Published Works: Published papers in IEEE Proceedings, IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, IET Electronic Letters
Affiliations: Retired from Boeing Company
Hobbies & Sports: Electronics computer processing applications, networking, video games, gardening
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