Professional of the Year - Opto-Electronics Education and Fiber Optic Networking

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John F. McKlosky

Industry: Education
Children: Tara Marie, Dawn Michelle
Current Organization: University of Washington
Type of Organization: University
Major Product: Higher education
Area of Distribution: National
Expertise: Communications, Fiber Networking
University/Degree: Numerous college classes in the field of opto-electronics
Title: Fiber Network Specialist
Work History: Started his fiber optic career in 1985 at a technical school in Colorado and has taken numerous college classes in the field of opto-electronics
Career Accomplishments: Has developed and instructed high level Fiber Optic courses and lectured at various colleges and universities; has traveled to South Korea and Japan to do specialized fiber training for the American military; attends the international "Optical Fiber Conference" each year since 1994 and plans to continue ongoing professional development at the University of Washington until retirement.