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Larry G. Strite

Biography: Larry Strite was born in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. He is a consultant with Restora-Life Minerals Inc. which was established in 2004. Their main objective is sustainable approaches for farming and landscaping. Mr. Strite’s expertise lies in examining the depths of soil to make determinations regarding sustainability. Restora-Life manufactures products for soil, animals and poultry to attain healthier crops. This is accomplished by using the Albrect Theory of complete soil testing to determine the best type of soil for their clients’ crop planning. Additionally, the use of higher protein, more minerals and plant tissue testing are essential to this process. The products sold by Rstora-Life also help to keep the immune systems of farm animals at peak levels. His experience prior to Restora-Life was with Strite’s Waterhouse which was established in 2004. Mr. Strite credits his three mentors, Dale Schurter, Dr. Sheldon Norris and Dr. Norman Curtis with the success of his career. They were instrumental in his training for the programs of the day regarding his industry.
Industry: Agriculture
Born: Waynesboro, Pennsylvania
Current Organization: ReStor-A-Life Minerals Inc.
Type of Organization: Manufacturing
Major Product: All-natural and/or certified organic mineral-rich products manufactured for the farming, ranching and animal husbandry industries
Area of Distribution: International
Expertise: Soil and Agronomy consultancy
Title: Consultant